Planner Clip Addict

You all know by now that I have a Happy Planner, and I absolutely love it!  With a love for Happy Planners comes a love for allllll the accessories that go with it.  There are stickers, sticker books, washi tape, charms, markers, pens, dividers dashboards, aaaaaand……CLIPS!!!!!

Now, we are not talking your standard paperclip here.  Noooooo.  Those boring, plain, silver or gold wire paperclips we all have in a draw somewhere?  I’m not talking about those.  I’m talking about the cute little felt, vinyl, paper, cardboard, plastic decorative planner clips that are all over Etsy.  So many shops make them now, which is great because I can’t!  Lol.  However, I do buy a LOT.  I now have an insane amount of planner clips, and completely outgrew my storage for them.  I needed something better.  Saundra’s PlannerShoppe came to my rescue!  If you’ve never heard of her amazing shop, definitely click the link above and go check it out!  You will not be disappointed!  Her shoppe is where I found these awesome trays that I now house all my clips in.


I did, of course, also purchase some decorative cards to put in.  Well, I so did not get enough.  I very quickly ran out!  I didn’t want to keep buying them, because I was sure I could make them myself.  I own a Cricut, and my boyfriend had just purchased a Silhouette.  Totally doable!  So I took my laptop out, and we figure it out.  He helped me draw out the shapes in the proper size that I needed.


That’s what they look like.  Yes, like a Rolodex!  Not everyone knows what those are any more, but they were usually used in offices to keep addresses and business cards handy.  I’m using it for my clips.  Next, we sent them to the machine to cut.


Finished product!  I think they came out pretty good!  I used plain white cardstock so they all matched.  The clips are lightweight enough, that it works out fine.  Then I started putting the cards in, and adding my clips to them.

Voila!  There you have it!  I now have 2 trays full, and just ordered a third because I’m running out of room again.  I know, I’m addicted.  It’s ok, I could spend my money on worse things.  Guess I will also need to cut some more cards!


Beauty and the Beast ADDICT!

Hi, my name is Maggie and I am OBSESSED WITH BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!!  No, I have no shame!  Lol.  I was waiting for SO long for the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie to come out!  Well….let me tell you…I went crazy with Beauty and the Beast stuff right before the movie hit theaters.  I got a new Belle book purse, a TON of stuff from Hot Topic, aaaaaand…..I got a little crafty.  I know….SHOCKER, right??

I saw a really cute Beauty and the Beast lamp on Etsy, and was about to buy it for myself.  This girl is talented!  She hand paints them, and they are gorgeous.  There are plenty of other Disney ones to choose from in her shop.  I love that she used mason jars for the base of the lamps, buuuut…..they were just too small for my taste, and where I wanted to put mine.  However….she did inspire me to create my own!

I’ll be honest with you guys…..I am SO not talented when it comes to free-handing ANYTHING, so I could not hand paint mine.  I’m totally ok with it though!  I’m super happy with how it came out.

To make the exact one I did, you will need:

  • fillable lamp base (I chose a glass one with silver trim.)
  • lampshade
  • adhesive vinyl
  • washi tape/skinny painter’s tape
  • scissors
  • cricut machine (or cameo, silhouette, whatever you may have; but something that can cut images and words)
  • roses (or whatever else you may want to fill your base with; I chose roses for obvious reasons.)
  • long sticks/skewers (these will come in really handy, and I will explain!  I didn’t have any, so I used my 2 longest eyeliner pencils.)

The first thing I did was to set up the lamp exactly where I wanted it, just to make sure I actually liked it.  I also threw some of the fake roses inside (Michael’s on sale!).  Here’s what it looked like.


I’m pretty happy with the size lamp I chose.  Again…LOVED the mason jar ones I saw, but it was just too small for my nightstand.  This base I got at Target, as well as the lampshade.

The next step was to cut the image for the inside of the lampshade.  Inside???  Yes, I did say inside; and I do mean the inside.  I thought it would be really cool to have the lamp look one way when it’s lit, and another when it’s turned on.  Using one of my Disney cricut cartridges, I cut the image of Belle and the beast dancing out of black adhesive vinyl.  It’s really important to pay very close attention to your cutting in this instance.  I cut it backwards (sticky side up), so i could easily stick it on the inside of the shade.


Yay, making progress!  Next, I cut the text I wanted on the glass base – Tale as old as time.  I also chose to add some decoration with vines and roses.  I needed black, red, and green for this part.  Now for the hard part…..getting the letters on the inside of the glass, and getting them straight!  Guys, I was literally sweating doing this!  Omg!  The first two lines of text went on easily.  I used some washi tape that I don’t like to mark on the outside of the glass how far apart I wanted the text.  This is also how I kept the letters straight.  The last word and the rose were extremely difficult!  Due to the pole in the middle of the lamp, I could not get both my hands down into the bottom at the same time to hold the letters and push them onto the glass.  I didn’t know what to do.  I had nothing to help me, and I was home alone at the time.  Have no fear!  I am Macgyver!  I used two very long eyeliner pencils, one to put the sticky letters on, and the other to push them onto the glass.


Ta-da!!!!!  I am pretty proud of myself for that moment.  Lol.  So after all the sweating… is the finished product!  I hope you all like it as much as I do!


Like?  Did I say like?  Ok, honestly…..I am SO obsessed with it!  It feels really good to have something you made come out so awesome.  My father thought I bought it at a store.  That’s probably the highest compliment we can get as crafters, right??  I’ll take it!  Until next time!


Hello again followers!  I’m SO sorry it has been so long since I last posted.  This holiday season was rather hectic for me, between work and things happening at home.  However, I still found time to get crafty!

My latest project was suggested to me by a co-worker.  She saw the video floating around facebook, and sent it to me.  Being a librarian, how could I not absolutely LOVE a book purse???  She was so right!

What you need: 2 different colors of felt (for the inside and outside of your bag), chain, hardware of your choosing to attach the chain, a book box (you can find these at michael’s and ac moore), hot glue gun, pliers, a drill, and a pair of scissors.


First I measured and cut all my felt for the inside and outside of my book.  I also cut two small squares of felt to attach to the inside of each side of the book, to keep it together when you open it.  Rounding one corner of the square also makes it look a little nicer.  That is the corner that won’t be glued to anything, so you will notice it.


You can see I chose neutral colors for my book purse.  I want to be able to wear it with almost anything!  I found a nice embossed design on brown felt for the outside, and used plain gray on the inside.  Once you have glued down all your felt, inside and out, you are ready for your chain!

I found my chain at Joann’s.  They had the best selection for what I was looking for.  As you know from other posts, I do not do well with power tools.  So….that being said, I did enlist the help of my boyfriend again for this one.  He helped me figure out what hardware would be best to use, and then installed it for me.

(note: that wrench was just there to hold the book open while we worked.  made it so much easier!)

Due to the fact that we were drilling through cardboard, the big flat washers helped to cover a bigger surface on the inside so the bolts won’t pull out.  It’s pretty sturdy!  I have already used it a few times.

Final step!  The chain!  Simply use a pair of pliers to hook it onto your hardware, and you are ready to go!

Whether you’re a librarian like me, or just have a crazy LOVE of books, this is the purse for you!  It definitely won’t hold much; it’s not meant to.  However, it will hold just enough for a night out with your friends to look stylish and cool.  My fellow librarians loved it, so I would say this was definitely NOT a pinterest fail!  Pinterest WIN!!!

Now this is HAPPY!

I think it’s safe to say that I am addicted to all things Happy Planner and Mambi at this point.  That being said….there are way worse things I can be doing with my time and money, so I’m ok with it!  Haha.  Recently, I decided it might be a good idea to organize all my mambi and HP stuff.  Now that I have so much, it’s kinda getting out of control.

In an effort to get my crap together, I went looking for storage solutions.  Let me tell you, the planner community knows what’s up!  I had to look no further than the Mambi Facebook group I’m in.  EEEEVERYONE was raving about these little wheeled carts at Ikea, so I had to go see for myself.  After what seemed like forrreeever (it was actually only about 15min), I walked out of that maze from hell with a beige one!  The only colors they have are beige, black, and rust.  Of course, all my other craft storage is white.  So…I hit Michael’s on my way home to pick up some Krylon metal spray paint and primer.  Here is a before and after picture:

I had never done any spray painting before, so I enlisted my boyfriend’s supervision and help.  When we were done, it looked awesome!  Here is the finished product, all put together.

Now I was ready to go!  I set up my cart with all my planner goodies, and everything fit perfectly.  Me being me….I took it one step further.  I had seen a picture of one that someone decorated, and I was inspired.  So I quickly got to work with some adhesive vinyl and my cricut machine.  Here is what I ended up with:

Finito!!! 😆 

I did add some cups at the top of my cart, also from Ikea.  They slip perfectly onto the bins, and are fairly sturdy.  I filled them up, and labeled them with letters I cut from the vinyl.

I have to say I’m super proud of how this came out!  (So are 521 other people in the planner community!  521!!! Does this mean I’m famous now?? Lol. Jk)  this cart is NOT expensive, and it takes no time to put together.  Go pick one up and make it your own!  Whether you use it for planner supplies, or anything else…I’m sure you’ll love it!  Happy crafting!

Rainy Day Projects 

I had a nice plan for today since I’m off from both jobs – go for a bike ride, get some pool time in, and get an Italian ice.  Yes, in my head it’s still summer!  Sadly, mother nature had other plans today…..rain.  So, I’m stuck inside today!

What better way to spend a rainy Monday than in my bat cave!  (Bat cave sounds way cooler than crafting domain, don’t ya think??)  I’ve been doing a lot of planner related work lately.  I’m on a paperclip making binge!  

What you need:

Paperclips (any colors you want)                 hot glue gun                                                       felt                                                                       any kind of embellishments you want

Here’s what I made today:

The 4 smaller bows are Heidi swapp and the larger one is from a Recollections pack I got on clearance, both from Michael’s.  I used hot glue to fasten the paperclip to the back of the bow, and then glued a piece of felt over the paperclip to finish it off.  It’s so simple!  

If you’re not into making your own clips, there are so many shops on Etsy that you can buy from.  Even though I make my own, I’m not so skilled in the embroidery department so I still do purchase from time to time.  My favorite shop for clips is Created by Danielle.  Her clips are awesome, and she is a quick shipper.  I highly recommend her!  Below is my collection, most of which are from her.

Happy clipping!

On the agenda for the next post: dividers for your planner!

Where did the summer go???

Wow, it has been well over a month since the last time I posted on here!  I am SO sorry to those of you out there who read this, because I do appreciate you checking out my blog!  Thank you to my readers out there!  The sad excuse for my silence is simply that I have been working SO much, and when I’m not….I have had a million things going on.  It has been one busy summer for me!  I hope all of you have enjoyed yours as well!  I feel like a teacher right now, because I took almost the whole summer off (which I plan to try to never let happen again!  Like I said in my very first post, this blogging thing is a learning process for me; even down to how often I will post.) and now it’s September so I’m back to the grind!

One new thing I did discover this summer was that Michael’s stores have planner events!  I had no idea!  Many of them are FREE too, which is awesome!  If you go to their website, all the classes they have scheduled are on there.  You just log in and sign up.  I have heard both good and bad things about the planner classes, but I went to two this year with a friend.  Sadly, we were disappointed both times by our local Michael’s.  No one was there, not even an employee to welcome us.  There were no materials or instructions out for the craft we were supposed to be doing either.  It was just a bust.  However, I am not giving up yet!  I’m thinking that I might ask about doing a class there myself!  Why not, right??  So that is next on my to do list!  If any of you have any tips for me, they are both welcomed and appreciated!  TIA!

I should probably mention that of course there are plenty of other types of classes offered, not just planner related ones.  They include everything – knitting, painting, planning, scrapbooking, weaving, jewelry making, cookie decorating, and much more!  There are plenty for kids as well, so go check it out!


….not really. I forgot what that meant years ago when I started working in retail. Lol. But it’s still TGIF for most of you, so yay!  

I just spent almost an entire day scrapping at my friend’s house.  Yes, we really can scrap alllll day!  We only take pee breaks and dinner breaks.  I mean, what else do you have to do??  Those are the important things!  My 2016 book is caught up for now.  Well, at least to the last event I attended.  I just got the pictures for that this week.  Here are some pages I got done that day.

This is the wedding one of my absolute best friends!  She is such a special person to me.  I guess I have to say retail brought me something good – some amazing friends.  Could not be happier to have been able to see her walk down the aisle to her prince charming, and he really is!  They’re absolutely perfect for each other.  It was a wonderful day.

I also scrapped my trip to Massachusetts with my boyfriend.

The first time I went to WPI was to visit my boyfriend when he was a junior there.  He wasn’t my boyfriend at the time, but we were visiting each other away at school.  I never did get the full tour.  Too many parties and shenanigans.  Haha.  7yrs later he gave me the full tour!  It’s a beautiful campus!  I still have to get a shot glass for my collection, so I guess we’ll have to go back sometime. 

Well, that’s all the time I have to share with you today.  While I’m working this whole weekend, I hope you’re all having a grand time enjoying the weather!  Happy scrapping!

Wild Wednesday!!!

So I think it’s safe to say that I am now hardcore into this planning thing.  Not that I do anything craft related half assed, but I am in deep people!  Just to clarify, that is not a bad thing!  I’m loving it!  I’m just getting super crafty and adventurous now.  I have started making my own covers for my planner!

What you need :

  • the proper punch for your planner (i have the mambi one since i have an HP)
  • slicer (i happen to prefer the fiskars one, but any working one will do)
  • paper/cardstock or folders
  • stickers
  • ruler
  • cutting machine depending on the design you want to do (i use my cricut machine)
  • xyron
  • scissors
  • and an idea!  color scheme, cute graphics, meaningful quote, etc

The first thing you need to do is measure the cover that’s already on your planner, so you know how big you need to make it.  Next, take whatever paper or cardstock you want to use and cut it down to size.  You’re probably remembering that I mentioned “or folders” above, and that is because the one I’m about to show you I cut up a Vera Bradley folder for.  Now that you have your cover cut down to size, you can go ahead and punch it.  I highly recommend doing this BEFORE you laminate your cover, because not all punches will go through the laminate.  Please punch at your own risk!  I like to punch mine first.  Now you can decorate it however you want!  Get your stickers, cut something pretty out on your cricut machine, write a quote on it, etc.  Go nuts!  All that’s left is to laminate it.  Here is a picture of mine!


As you can see, it’s not laminated yet.  I have not yet purchased a laminating machine.  However, I need things to do in my free time.  Lol.  You can see I used a katalina pink Vera Bradley folder, and i cut a piece and used the reverse side on the bottom.  I put some silver washi tape over the edge where the two colors meet.  All the lettering I did with my cricut machine – the monogram and my name.  I traced and hand cut the circles, and ran everything through my xyron machine to make them sticky.  Then I put everything together, and cut a piece for the back cover.  I’m pretty happy with it!  I just bought the matching stretchy headbands to use as a planner band.  I think I might stick a flower or two on it before I put it into use.  We’ll see.  I want to play around some more before I post a picture of those.

If you’re not feeling as adventurous as I am, don’t worry!  There are plenty of awesome ladies on Etsy who make planner covers that you can buy.  They have some beautiful designs!  It’s great inspiration for me!  Check it out!

Surprise Sunday!

Now that the weekend is over, I can share with you my latest scrapping projects.  YAYYY!!!  😀

I used one of my new cricut cartridges to make some Fathers Day cards.  It might be my new favorite cartridge honestly.  All holidays are included!  There are cards on there for everything from Mothers Day and Fathers Day to Christmas, Halloween, and everything in between.  Here are the Fathers Day ones I made.

I also had a baby bbq for some special friends this weekend.  Yes, I said baby bbq!  No, no babies were roasted in the process.  However, we did have a very nice shower for some good friends of mine who are expecting their bundle of joy at the end of next month.  Can’t wait to meet the little nugget!  We don’t know whether they are having a boy or girl.  They want to be surprised.  So everything I made was gender neutral.  I think I did pretty good!  Below is the card I made.


Special thanks to a friend of a friend for all the baby stuff she’s been passing along to me.  I used to give away all the baby paper and stickers I would get, thinking I have such a long time before I will need these and I have nowhere to store them.  Well, no longer!  I will be keeping all of the crafty baby things now.  They finally came in handy!

My boyfriend and I did get them something off their registry, in addition to a few other things.  Buuuuut….me being me, I did have to make them something too.  They have a musical theme going for the baby’s room, so I thought…this kid has to start their musical education off right!  They need to know from day one that Billy Joel = God!  Haha.  If you didn’t guess, my friends are Billy fans just like I am.  In fact, we went to see him in concert with them and it was amazing!  I looked up his lyrics for the song “Lullabye,” and got a little crafty.


This might be one of my favorite things I have ever made.  So proud of it.  If I made the mommy cry with my gift, it was a success right??  Lol.  On that note, I am off to dream myself.  Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Let’s get organized!

I know I’ve been posting a lot about planner related tips and such, but don’t worry!  I am still scrapping; quite a lot actually!  There just isn’t much I can show you all until after this weekend, because I have been making cards for fathers day and other events; even a few gifts.  So….I hope the anticipation doesn’t kill you!  Haha

I actually just got a CRAAAAAZY amount of scrapbooking supplies from a family friend, because a friend of hers was cleaning out her stash.  Thank you Marianne!  I have already gone through most of it.  Just the paper is left to organize.  What I was most excited about was all the brads!  OH HOLY BRADS!!!  I had never seen so many brads in my life!  These little things have so many uses.  I use them when I make cards, I use them in the corners of matted pictures, I use them in scrapbooks.  There are also different types of brads – ones that have a paper fastener back and ones that you have to hammer the back down flat.  Personally, I don’t think either is better or worse than the other.  I use both types.  I actually didn’t have enough storage for them, and I like things to be smaller and more compact.  So I ran right over to my local AC Moore, and found this gem.


It was a little pricey ($27.99 i think), but I used my 55% off coupon.  Score!  I didn’t think I needed something this big, but I didn’t fit all my brads in it!  I still have a small jewelry organizer full in addition to this.  But this thing is great.  Even if, worst case, it falls over and opens….DON’T WORRY!  Each sleeve (there’s 8 total, 4 on each side) has a locking device on it.  They are like those locking pill cases.  You just push the tab in on the side to open them.  Totally worth the price!  And bonus…it’s my favorite color!

I’m all about storage and organization, because it makes it so much easier to find things when I need them.  Something else I recently purchased is this little container of draws for my washi tape.


It’s available at places like Walmart, Home Goods, and the Container Store.  I chose to purchase mine on Amazon, because it was cheaper.  And you can’t go wrong with 2day free shipping with Amazon prime!  It’s called the clear InterDesign 3 drawer eyeglass case.  It is available with dividers in the draws (the one I purchased) or without.  I personally fit 89 washi rolls in here.  That number will vary depending on the width of the rolls you have.

Hope these storage tips were helpful!